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Set permissions on a BPF

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Sometimes there are cases where you might need to restrict certain users from seeing or using particular Business Process Flow in Dynamics CRM.

I know that this is a quite simple process, but you will be as much surprised, as I was when you notice that this is not actually working the way most of the articles in the network are saying.

We are starting with selecting our business process flow, we all know they are located in Settings > Customizations > Customize the System > Processes

You will notice the button on the top of the form named "Enable Security Roles" dah......, but here comes the tricky part! In Dynamics 365, this is how it looked like when clicking on the button.

Straight forward, we select the desired roles and click................... Wait, what!

We don't have any button to confirm the selected roles, so we hit the red X, eventually, Save the changes in the BPF and Publish All Customization........, and nothing will happen!

People will still be able to see and use the above BPF that we are trying to hide so badly.

In Dynamics 365 for Business Process Flows which already existed in Dynamics CRM 2016, when clicking the Enable Security Roles button, it opens an incorrect window instead of displaying the Modal/Dialog box which allows us to select the security roles.

The issue seems to exist for new and old Business Process Flows.

This is actually how the Permissions window should look like

I know, looks quite different and very promising. This time we select Enable for the selected security roles, select the desired security roles, CLICK ok, and then the rest (Save the changes in the BPF and Publish All Customization), but how we actually can get to this permissions window?

There are two workarounds:

  • You can use the direct URL to get to Security Role configuration dialog.


Replace <your_tenant>, <region_number>, and <guid_of_your_bpf> with your specific values.

  • Navigate to Settings > Security > Security Roles.

Open the security role you would like to configure.

Click Business Process Flows tab.

Select appropriate permission for each Business Process Flow.

Keep in mind that you might not be able to always see all of your custom workflows here. In this case, move to Solution 1.

Hope this will help you one day.

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