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Setup and Onboarding

Once you buy your new Office 365 Plan, it is time to set-up and configure it, this can be creating additional accounts or security groups for the other teams in your organization, configure your company settings and domain, etc.

The setup process can go through a couple of phases, from setting up a so-called "pilot" environment, to fully migrate all of your users to the cloud.

"Pilot" environment is actually a fully functioning Office 365 tenant, but only for a small subset of users called "power users". Their role is to test and evaluate the environment, before everyone else.

We can help you with setting up everything based on your requirements:

  • Activate your new Subscriptions

  • Configure organization settings

  • Configure Organization Domain with Office 365

  • Create user profiles and security groups in the company

  • Assigning User Licenses and Permissions

  • Configuring the company's intranet portal (SharePoint Online) and desired permissions and levels of access for each team in the organization.

  • Configuring User's mailboxes

  • Configure special Security and DLP policy requirements within the organization.

  • Configuring companies devised using MDM (Mobile Device Management)

Once approved by the "pilot" users, the deployment moves to the next phase - moving the rest of the users along with all your company's data and resources.

For the full list of Setup services please use the contact form below.

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