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Technical Training is a chance for everyone within the organization to learn the product with industry best practices. Training is not only for ITs but also for regular day-to-day users. 

Every company has a different organization structure and setup, therefore technical trainings are focused on learning not only the basic product functionalities, but also how to manage the system, or supporting other users within the organization who uses the product daily.

We have three levels of Technical Training to help people on different levels to fit.

  • Basic Training: is focused on regular day-to-day users who need a basic understanding of the product, how to perform simple tasks required in their daily operations. A better understanding of the product will reduce the need for local IT experts to assist in basic functionalities such as creating or managing records, giving them a chance to focus on bigger issues in the company.

  • Intermediate: This type of training can be set to so-called type of users in the organization involved in using the product outside of the basic tasks. This can be Sales, Marketing or HR team using SharePoint, Exchange and Team integrated together, which requires performing task such as restricting certain records from other users, filtering data in SharePoint, or creating detailed reports from all systems. This type of trainings are also good for local IT specialist or Help desk assigned to manage Office 365 in the company. Here they will be able to allow or restrict users and devices to be used in certain conditions, securing mailboxes, managing updates and etc.

  • In-Depth: this is the high level of knowledge about the product, you will need configuration with other systems, or even customization, regardless of the situation a deep technical knowledge is required to be able to manage them. This can be using Power Shell to extend capabilities in Office 365 or creating custom forms for SharePoint or Dynamics 365.

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